About me and Lumi Arts

Hi! I’m Cassie, the creative soul behind these handcrafted candles. My journey into candle making began in 2021 during a particularly challenging period in my life. What began as a hobby became a beacon of light, helping me navigate through the rough times and allowing me to rediscover my own inner light through my creativity.

With each candle I crafted, I felt a sense of peace and purpose. The process of blending fragrances, experimenting, and dreaming up new ideas became my sanctuary. My family and friends were my first supporters, purchasing my candles to assist with moving expenses from Texas to South Dakota. Their encouragement and faith in my craft were invaluable, and I am forever grateful for their unwavering support.

As I settled into my new home, I continued making candles along with other handmade items, but it was always my candles that shone the brightest. In 2022, encouraged by the confidence gained from my loved ones' support, I took the plunge and started selling my candles at local markets. The positive reception was overwhelming, and from there, the journey truly took off.

My adventure in candle making has taught me so much about myself. I've learned that my perfectionist tendencies, my struggles with patience, and my constant need for change all have a place and a purpose. These traits, which once frustrated me, have become essential parts of my creative process, pushing me to produce candles that are not only beautiful but also unique. I honored the rough spot I’d been through by naming my business Lumi Arts to celebrate the light within and the light I hoped to bring to others through my art.

Turning my art into my work has been a dream come true. I am deeply thankful for the support and encouragement I've received along the way. Each candle I make carries a piece of my heart, and it brings me immense joy to share them with you.

Thank you for being a part of this journey and for supporting my passion.

From my heart to you,